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About the Firm

Rossman P.C. specializes in business litigation, corporate structuring, business transactions, estate planning and family law.

We represent business owners, individuals, as well as companies of all sizes, ranging from start-ups, small businesses, and sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 businesses. We tailor the firm's fee arrangements to the special circumstances of each client, including offering flat fees for certain transactional and litigation projects, fixed monthly fees for outside-general counsel work, and blended hourly-contingency rates for certain matters. Our goal is to achieve optimal results with predictable fees, so that our clients can focus on growing and managing their business pursuits.

The firm's attorneys have a reputation for tough yet cost-effective and sensible representation in litigation involving any variety of business torts, shareholders and partnerships, employment relationships, breaches of contract, bankruptcies, and more. And when litigation becomes bloodsport, the attorneys at Rossman P.C. are ready for the battle.

The firm guides its business clients in navigating the complexities of forming, growing, and protecting their businesses, through corporate governance and formalities and appropriate estate and succession planning. One of the pillars of a successful business is a solid legal structure to protect against liability and future disputes. Whether for a start-up or an existing business, the firm will build this foundation.  

In the divorce context, the firm applies unique strategies to resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, to minimize the damage that the divorce process causes to families, both emotionally and financially.